Development innovation

Learning during COVID

We will have the preparatory meeting as planned at BOKU to form teams and agree on a schedule for the winter term
for the regular sessions, we will learn & sit in these teams, respecting current regulations.
In case we are too many to sit and interact according to distancing rules, some teams will meet elsewhere but be linked to the class through zoom.
If required, we will move the entire class online.

I look forward to meeting you!

‘Development Innovation’ looks at concepts and practical efforts for development with a focus on natural resource management.
Usually, we understand development as a process towards a positive future. The idea of development has been very powerful over the past 50 years.

Today, our understanding of how development happens and how we could accelerate it, are in a crisis – but natural resource degradation, the climate crisis and economic inequalities are urgent challenges that we need to address. So: “Should we intervene? How should we intervene? What are the consequences of intervention?”.

In ‘Development Innovation’, we identify main actors in development from the 1960s till today. By analyzing writings and actions of these actors, we can summarize dominant ideas and actions in development. This will enable us to recognize patterns of interaction and understand the crisis of development today. Together, we will debate on future options to address global development challenges.

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