Workshop „Ideation“ (in cooperation with WU)

Ideation is about generating a bunch of different ideas on a topic in a judgement-free space. It’s an invitation to think outside the box.

This Ideation Workshop is a space where we grow creative ideas. We use prompts to make you create new connections in your brain and come up with completely fresh insights. You will try out various techniques to explore lots of ideas, both alone and in teams, and learn how to keep track of them.


      • Ideation techniques ignite fresh and innovative ideas.

      • Create one quality idea from a bunch of old and stale ones.

      • Fun! Ideation workshops are judgment-free zones, which encourages us to think big and bold.


    In this workshop, you can learn how to come up with diverse ideas. It can help you understand how to collaborate, encourage teamwork and share perspectives to generate rich ideas. In the end, there will also be an input about idea documentation to help you collecting and organizing ideas for further analysis and implementation.


    DATE: Thursday, 14.12.2023

    TIME: 11:00-15:00h

    LOCATION: WU Gründungszentrum,
    Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Wien (D1/TC next to Mensa)

    COST: As part of the BASE:academy, this workshop will be for free.

    This workshop will be held in english and is offered in cooperation with WU Vienna.



    Lena Petrovic is an emerging innovation specialist in the field of experience design. She offers various insights from her career as a community manager and a facilitator in the field of Innovation and Human Centered Design. Lena has been actively involved with students and WU employees  through the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute, and making waves at the Innovation Office on the WU campus. Drawing from her diverse background, Lena has embraced an entrepreneurial, problem-solving, and creative mindset that she enjoys passing on through her lively workshops and events tailored for WU students and staff.



    Stefan Doubek is a person always seeking for new experiences and ways to explore new ways of solving tasks. He is a current Digital Economy student at WU. Working at Accenture as a Technology and Consultant, at HPS as a presentation co-trainer and at four different institutes at WU he brings quite a variety of experiences to the table. Especially as a co-organizer of the last ENGAGE.EU Expedition Week in Vienna he engaged in the Design Thinking Workflow of the program.